Pacific Salmon

The Pacific Salmon package covers Chinook, Pink, and Coho Salmon; we do not not offer the econo charter trip unlike the Atlantic Salmon package.

Chinook  Salmon (King)

Chinook are the first to arrive (early August until early October) and the biggest of these Salmon with an average of 12 lbs with 20 lb plus being common. They’re fierce, powerful and are called King for a reason because they do what they want; when they want and these tackle busters have smoked a few reels of ours. Many of these Kings have been caught trolling spoons and cut plugs.

Pink Salmon (Humpbacks)

Pink Salmon are the next to show up in larger schools, usually around the 3rd week in August until mid September. The Pink Salmon average 1.5 lbs with 3 lb plus being common and are fun for the family especially for the children to catch. The best technique for catching these fish is jigging a lure called a ” Buzz- Bomb.

Coho Salmon (Silvers)

Coho Salmon are abundant from the end of September to late October. They have an incredible fight from start to finish. Weight averaging 4-5 pounds the beautiful red flesh is considered a table fare  favorite. Spincasting or fly-fishing is two proven methods of consistently hooking into these beauties. All the times of fish arrivals are estimates based on water temperatures and seasonal rains, some of the times quoted can be earlier or later. Techniques used by Redwood Sportfishing Charters for these fish are trolling with downriggers (holds tackle at a suspended depth), jigging (lifting and dropping the fishing rod) and fly-fishing (for experienced only and no tackle provided). Give us a call, text or email and we will hook you up with a day out with both relaxation and excitement.

  • Daily trips for Pacific Salmon are 5 hours in length starting at 7 am – 12 pm 7 days a week (times can be adjusted to suit your needs).
  • Redwood Sportfishing Charters can accommodate 1-4 persons comfortably but can take up to 6 depending on weather conditions.
  • Cleaning and freezing of your catch is available.
  • The legal limit is 5 Pacific Salmon per person on a full Sport fishing Licence.
  • Valid Ontario Sport fishing (full limits) or Conservation Licence (half limits) is required.