Atlantic Salmon

June and July is Atlantic Salmon time! These are among the most acrobatic of all game fish and can easily strip a spool with a powerful run. This is fast and furious fishing in currents of 5mph up to 8 mph. Catching and landing these fish is very rewarding because all odds are against you but if you enjoy a challenge like me then this is the fish for you! Average size is 5-7lbs with 10-14 lbs being common. These fish are a treat to catch and the St. Marys River has a thriving population of them thanks to Lake Superior State University and their aquatic research program! Reserve your Atlantic Salmon trip today to ensure we save a spot for you!

  • The daily trips for Atlantic Salmon are 5 hours at 7am – 12pm and 3pm- 8pm, 7 days a week
  • Redwood offers 2 separate priced trips (check rates)
  • The legal limit is 1 per person on a full sport fishing licence which is required (limit is 0 with a conservation licence)
  • Cleaning and freezing of your catch is available